Wayfarers Chapel Wedding Photography

Many of our couples ask us what is a “Sneak Peak” or sometimes referred to as a “First Glance”.  This is an opportunity to capture one of the most important key moments of the wedding day when the bride and groom see each other for the first time.  More and more couples are deciding to incorporate this intimate moment before the wedding as it will probably be the only time they will have some one on one time together





The Bride is positioned in a beautiful location on the grounds looking like a magazine cover! Her dress is fluffed, makeup and hair perfect and the flowers fresh in bloom as she awaits her groom…


The maid of honor carefully walks the groom to meet his bride…



The bride and groom are positioned back to back with anticipation…



The bride has decided that she does not want the groom to turn around and see her so she grabs his hand and we capture the surprise look on his face!


She kisses his hand and in that moment, everything is perfect.  They are now ready to get married.

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