Welcome to our world!  Weintraub Photography has been serving the South Bay for 26 years and we’re grateful for every minute of it!  We started out with nothing but a wall portrait, a sample album and a DREAM and we never looked back!  With over 3,000 weddings since we began, we stopped counting because we knew that this is where we could serve our community, raise our family and call it home!

Our gratitude to all the couples we’ve served who let us into their hearts allowing us to capture their most intimate moments from a teary eyed bride as she walks down the aisle to the most exciting moment…the first glance!

Our gratitude to all the wonderful families who let us capture the milestones in their life from maternity to maturity…it’s such a privilege when we see our work displayed in your home.

Our gratitude to the business community for allowing us to help you with your websites, business profiles, marketing material and so much more so you could excel in your businesses and serve your community.  It’s been a pleasure helping you look your best!

We look forward to continue serving all new couples in love, families that stay together and businesses that serve their communities by sharing our gifts and talents with you…today, tomorrow, a lifetime!

With gratitude
James and Laura Weintraub, Founders

Weintraub Photography




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