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Weintraub Photography was founded in 1988 on nothing but a dream! We were newlyweds living in an apartment in Redondo Beach and we had this crazy idea to start a photography business. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of photographing over 3,000 weddings.

My husband was given his first camera at the ripe young age of 10 years old. It was a difficult time in his life as he had just lost his dad and then he discovered this incredible, magical machine that could freeze time. Jim is a passionate and talented photographer whose work graces the walls at some of the most beautiful locations in the South Bay including the Wayfarers Chapel and Trump National Golf Club. He’s spontaneous, sensitive, artsy and refined and when it comes to SUNSETS, that’s his trademark!

In his own words, here is how he truly feels, “I’ve always felt that “photography is a god given gift that magically freezes a moment in time. It’s a vision of you through me and the lens of the camera.” These moments are locked in time and nobody can ever take them away…it’s timeless, it’s forever and that’s what keeps me going. I feel like my photography will remind my clients of a “life well lived”. My favorite saying is “just one more” because I will always go the distance for that one great shot!”

I learned the art of photography through my husband who gave me a manual medium format camera. I learned everything about natural light and flash and discovered a new way to express my creativity. The artist in me is literally non-stop so all I needed to do was learn how to use a new set of tools and from there, I took off!

We both feel that photography freezes the happiest moments in life when you’re happy and celebrating! Our lives have truly been blessed to be able to share this gift with others. We will always go the distance to get that one great shot!

Thank you to all our clients who’ve given us the opportunity to share this gift and do what we love!

With gratitude and appreciation!
Laura and James Weintraub

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